From Laura Wells:

Anna's prom hairstyles are incredibly stylish. If you like short, funky styles, long, flat-ironed hair, long waves pinned back into half-dos, soft romantic buns, unique braids or a full updo, then Anna has the perfect style for you.
From Carol Wells (Client for 14 years):

Under Anna's professional care, my hair is healthy and beautiful. Her experience and expertise insure that every cut and style is perfect for my lifestyle. Anna remains up-to-date on all the current trends and products. She is a perfectionist and allows ample time for each client to be treated as a unique individual.
From Renee H. Dabbs:

Since I have been going to Anna my hair is the best it has ever been. Anna brings out the best in my hair. The color is rich, the cut is creative and it is the healthiest it has ever been. I joke with her that if I don't get a compliment a day I am surprised.
From Elizabeth Trofi, Sr. Benefits Consultant, Raymond James Financial:

I have been going to Anna for hair care since May of 1999. Anna has always done a great job with my hair as it has evolved with the styles through the years. She has provided me with haircuts, perms, highlights and did a great hair style for my wedding day. She is very knowledgeable hair care professional.
From Vanessa Lattner:

For the past 10 years Anna has highlighted my hair applying her special and personalized color technique which she has mastered with her many years of experience.

My daughters 20 and 14 also use Anna exclusively for highlighting their hair bringing a beautiful, natural blonde look to blend in with their hair color.

I am always so pleased with how their hair looks afterwards, not overstated but very natural and youthful. It's the personalized attention to detail and the relationship that makes the difference in Anna's services. She always provides a great service with very reasonable prices.

Highlights recommended by a longtime client!
From Carmen Parker:

Anna Hickel has been my hairdresser for the past 10 years. When I moved to Tampa, I tried several hairdressers (one with disastrous results). Luckily, following this experience, I found Anna. Her expertise in highlighting and styling were what I needed.

After all these years, I can testify that Anna is a great time manager. I rely on her promptness to keep me on schedule.

An extra bonus resulted when she joined Dinah and Melaina at impressions of Dinah. They are a great team. If one needs help meeting a client’s schedule, the other two are more than ready to take care of the customer’s needs.
From Patti Palmer:

Anna has been cutting and coloring my hair for 11+ years. I have never been disappointed. I go to her frequently, because my hair grows very fast.

I think one of Anna's best talents is that she is extremely versatile! She cuts poker straight hair like mine as well as super curly hair. I have seen her do fine precision cuts where every hair needs to be in a precise line, to trimming a full mane of thick curls. The majority of Anna's customers are long-term customers. I think that speaks volumes of her talent and creativity.

Anna is also an amazing colorist. She knows just what needs to be done on an individual basis. For me, my color issues have changed dramatically as I have aged into grey hair. Of course, Anna has been able to help me embrace my grey and incorporate that into my highlights.

Not a day goes by that someone doesn't compliment me on either my hair color or my cut!
From Rosemary Henderson:

Anna is the best!!! I have been sending friends (and strangers) to Anna for years. Not only does she care about my hair...she cares about ME!. Being with Anna is always such a pleasant experience. Anna has been doing my hair for 18 years...and I am so grateful to the person who put us in touch...I just wish I could remember who that person was! One of the things I love about Anna is that she is always on time and schedule..I hate rushing to get some place..and then have to wait for ever. She is so professional...does a great job cutting my hair..doing my color...adding highlights...etc. When I feel like I need a change or new "do" she is so helpful with new ideas. I look forward to my time with is good for my hair as well as for my outlook.